01Creative Technology

BSCG-Ultralow temperature cold insulation high performance frost crack resistance (perlite) concrete blend design

BSCG-Eccentric transverse parallel moving furnace shell trimmer replacing-column construction method

BSCG-CAD simulation technology test and Precision adjustment method for slab continuous caster arc

BSCG-Crack control technology for 5500m3 BF foundation large volume high performance concrete continuous layered casting, automatic acquisition system real-time temperature & strain monitoring

BSCG-BF slide structure pushing technology

BSCG-BF overhaul hanging tube cooling instead of cooling stave technology

BSCG-Quick splitting rod connecting rod method for 630 ton crawler crane

BSCG-C30 F300 high performance concrete and its mixing station

Across underlying soft roof structure cantilever scaffold construction technique


1.   Proven and reliable large volume stamping coking

Continuous thin layer automatic feeding, multi-hammer fixed point continuous stamping technology, Increased bulk density and stability of coal cake, ensure normal operation of the coke oven, realize 13:1 ratio of height/width, coal charging for single chamber (dry) 42.7t

2.   PLC is applied to realize automatic control of coke oven

Intelligent self-adapting heating system of coke oven :
The system is characterized by high reliability, easy operation and maintenance, which can greatly improve the heating operation of coking, and help to improve and stabilize the quality of coke, reduce energy consumption as well as prolong the service life of coke oven

Infrared temperature measuring management system of coke oven :
The longitudinal temperature, lateral temperature, oven head temperature and center temperature of coke cake as well as other temperature measuring data can be easily input, recorded, checked, calculated and printed

Intelligent pressure adjustment system of gas header 
The decoupling control strategy on an expert-rule basis is adopted, i.e., based on the judgment of working condition, make appropriate rectifications to the control function of single loop controller, coordinate the operation, and finally reach the aim of reducing the effect of coupling and stabilizing the pressure. The operation of single loop controller is realized by fuzzy control. The calculation method of group decoupling, inter-group decoupling and series-decoupling can be realized by programming via the controller or operation station

Oven number identification system
The automation system of interlocking of orientation of coke oven locomotives can realize interlocking of three cars and operating of four cars in parallel based on the precise measurement of traveling positions of coke pusher, coke guide and coke quenching car, oven number identification and the reliable data communication in between, thus achieve safety production of four cars and computer controlled production management

3.   The coal charging of top charging coke oven adopts the dry dedusting device with ground station and, by combining with the controlled, sealed type screw feeding coal charging car, realizes a smokeless coal charging

4.   The coke pushing dedusting system adopts the coke guide with dust hood + belt lifting car + fixed dust collecting main + coke side dedusting facilities on the ground station


Beneficiated burden and “non-relay station” direct charging

1.   Technical features

The charging, transferring, storage, screening, weighing of charged raw material and fuel for BF are arranged in one building, achieving simple arrangement, neat appearance of the building and facilitating the production management;

The charging, ore return and coke return systems are integrated for BF, process flow is simple and cost saving;

The non-relay station main belt conveyer direct charging process has a strong charging capacity, reduces the times of material transfer and charged fines, which is in favor of increasing utilization factor of raw material and fuel and improving BF operation;

Adopting technology of sinter and coke sized charging and technology of ore nut and coke nut recovery;

Hydraulic driving is used for the main belt conveyor

2.   Patented technology

Double mass resonance screen, oscillator for vibrating screen, etc..
Shougang is the inventor of Chinese PCI technology. Since 1963, Shougang has started systematic research and test of PCI technology and successfully applied this technology on BF for the first time in 1964. In 1966, this technology was promoted in the whole company and the annual average PCI ratio was 159kg/t, presenting a world record at that time. At present, the designed coal injection volume is up to 250kg/t.

3.   Technical features

Medium speed mill is used for coal pulverization;
Using primary pulverized coal collection technology of high-efficiency low-pressure impulse collector;
Using parallel-vessel long-distance direct injection technology;
Using high-accuracy pulverized coal distributor, PCI branch with even resistance,
realizing continuous and even injection;
Fully automatic injection.

03Steel making

Hot metal pretreatment 

1.   Injection method hot metal pretreatment technology

In the hot metal ladle, desulphurizer is used for desulphurization;

Automatic PLC control is used for all the equipment;

The target hot metal sulphur content could reach below 0.002%;

Creating good hot metal desulphurization thermodynamic and kinetic conditions;

Low unit consumption of desulphurizer and short treatment period;

Low hot metal temperature drop, less slag, less iron loss;

Short period for skimming process, less iron loss;

Injection method is applicable to hot metal desulphurisation, desiliconisation and dephosphorisation treatment.

Converter steel making

1.   Technology of furnace protection by slag-splash in combined blown converter

Even splashing;

Slag quality adjustment control technology;

Lining erosion monitoring and control technology;

Having developed Shougang-featured “one lance with two functions” technology to simplify the slag splashing operation technology;

Having established complete technology of furnace protection by slag-splash for large, medium and small converters;

Raising the milestone-significant slag-splashing technology of “early slag smelting, good slag smelting, sticking final slag; highly splashing, firmly sticking, highly resistant to corrosion” ;

Highly prolonging the converter campaign life, showing prominent economic benefits.

2.   Converter body and trunnion plate flexible connection technology

Especially suitable for large converter over 150t;
Having been successfully applied onto many 210t converters and the 300t converter of Shougang Jingtang Co.;
Simple structure, low temperature load, free of maintenance, stable operation, high reliability and safety.

3.   Sub-lance and automatic steel making technology

Highly improving one-go catch carbon tapping rate and double hit rates of end point carbon and temperature;
Effectively reducing the re-blowing rate of converter;
Having the characteristics of stable sub-lance process position, better slagging, less splashing, less steel and slag sticking at the furnace mouth and hood;
The 210t converter steel making automation package of Shougang Qiangang is awarded the 1st Prize of Metallurgical Science and Technology Progress.

4.    Converter fume dry sealing technology

Effectively preventing emission of fume during converter smelting, reducing the environmental pollution of the fume;
Saving water resources;
Improving recovery rate of the converter gas.