5500m3 Blast furnace project of Shougang Jingtang:

The blast furnace is located within the plant area of Shougang Jingtang United Iron and Steel Co., Ltd, phase I of the project contains two 5500m3 blast furnaces, this was the first time large blast furnace over 5000m3 built in China, the annual iron productivity is around 8.98 million tons, the furnace was independently designed, manufactured and constructed by Shougang according to the circular economy concept, advanced process and technology were applied in the project, thus the furnace reached an international first-class level. The designed life of the furnace is up to 25 years, the BSK (Beijing Shougang Kalugin) technology independently designed by Shougang is used on 5000m3 blast furnaces for the first time. The furnace is equipped with complete automatic detection and control system, as well as environmental dust removal system, an "efficiency, low-consumption, long life and clean" objective is realized in blast furnaces. The project was commenced in March 2007 and completed in May 2009. The project won the 2011 Luban Award for Chinese Construction Projects and the National Quality Engineering Golden Award.

No. 4 Blast Furnace of Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Company:

The project was commenced in June 1998 and lasted for 18 months. The furnace volume is 1500m3 and the annual production volume is 700000 tons.

Tapping of the shell of No. 3 Blast Furnace of Qiangang:

The blast furnace is located within the plant area of Qian'an Shougang Qiangang Company, the voulume of the furnace iss 4000m3, with a height of 46.65 metrs and maximum diameter of 16.42 meters, the steel plate is 90mm thick. In this project our innovative furnace shell plate tapping technology was used to ensure the installation accuracy of holes, meanwhile, the construction period was significantly reduced, a patent was offered to this project.