Luban Prize, initiated in 1987, is the top prize for quality in China's construction projects, representing the advanced level of quality for the domestic construction works. The appraisal of the prize is conducted by China Construction Industry Association under the guidance of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. The purpose of the prize is such as implementing Scientific Outlook on Development, persisting in the guideline of "Quality comes first and is one of vital and lasting importance", accelerating technical progress of China's construction industry, promoting construction enterprises to increase their technical equipment level and business management level, and giving impetus to the advancement of quality level of construction projects

Luban Prize is appraised with the spirit of respecting people and history, and upholding the principles of "select from the best" and "openness, fairness and equality". The Prize is launched every two years with the awarded projects not exceeding 200. The award winners shall be the main contractors of the projects.

The scope of the Luban Prize covers various construction projects such as housing, public building, industry, communication, water works, municipal garden, etc


02National Quality Engineering Award


Shougang Jing Tang Plant

National Quality Engineering Award is the highest award in the aspect of project quality in China.

Xi’an Xianyang international airport and flyover

In 20- 08,it was honored as grade AAA credit organization. Form 2007 to 2008, it ranked the team of top 100 construction enterprises in China. It mainly plays the role of general construction contractor and professional contractor respectively fo r steel structure fabrication and installation

Metallurgy  Quality Engineering Award